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Ohio Displays Inc.

We are ODI.

Ohio Displays has been a Cleveland-based landmark since 1919.  We were originally known as the Ohio Sign Company, whose clientele primarily requested the design and fabrication of window displays, outdoor signage as well as some interior retail environments.

By the 1940's it had become increasingly obvious that with the post war boom in manufacturing and greater ease of travel available the new trade show form was emerging. The Ohio Sign Company evolved into Ohio Displays Incorporated and turned its focus to the design and production of exhibits, becoming one of the first display companies in the country.

Ohio Displays is continuing to evolve and we no longer focus on the exhibit alone. Our areas of expertise are growing to include corporate or museum environments, local and national events including everything from rental and coordination to full event production, and pre-show marketing to full marketing campaigns.




1920's Storefront
1950's National Disposers Booth
1960's BF Goodrich Booth


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