Ohio Displays Dimensional Signs


Custom Dimensional Signs 

Using Dimensional Signage is an effective way to add a professional and polished look to your exhibit space or environment. Custom cut or routed logos and text elements are even better defined when installed with some clearance adding a richness of depth with shadows.


The image montage at left shows multiple examples of custom dimensional signage created by ODI for both the Cleveland and New York City corporate offices of IMG.

Brushed aluminum was used for the main identity pieces to add subtle sheen and allow the logo to emerge more prominently from its various surroundings.



The image at right is an example of custom dimensional signage used in an exhibit space. It was created by ODI for the Brother International booth used in Las Vegas for CES.

Three inch deep foam letters were routed and painted to match the logo's Pantone specification. Additional logo elements were Direct Printed and routed out of Sintra to incorporate the client's theme.

Ohio Displays Brother Dimensional Signage

ODI fabricated  this custom counter logo, utilizing a LISA  polycarbonate plexi-glass material, that dramatically captures ambient light and transfers it to the edges. The lettering is .75” thick, water jet, cut clear anodized aluminum.  They are mounted using two different size stand-offs, to accommodate two depths on desk front.

The Honeywell logo is 10.5” tall, in 3-dimensional, .5” thick, water jet cut, clear anodized, brushed aluminum letters.  Each letter is individually mounted with stand offs.

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