ODI Pop-Up Displays


Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays consist of a collapsible frame and either (or a combination of) fabric and graphic panels. They are popular due to a smaller case footprint and the ability to convert the case into a usable podium. They are available (from most manufacturers) in a straight or curved frame, as well as many different widths and heights.

- seamless in appearance
- seamless connection between 10 and 20-foot (or longer) versions
- smaller case that can be used as a podium
- ability to use either fabric or graphic panels
- ability to use as a 2-sided display by simply buying panels for the back side

- the frame can open to only one size (or width or height)
- there are more pieces / parts than with a typical panel display
- limited as to how much weight they can support (and how it’s supported)

Compact Pop-Up with Graphic Panels

Pop-Ups are available in a number of Sizes & Configurations
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