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Do you…
…have a one-time display or event need?
…not have enough exhibit property to go around?
…need to exhibit at two shows at the same time?
…have a larger booth space for one show?
…need some additional seating or counter space?

There are a lot of reasons that businesses like yours choose rental exhibits to bolster or complete their exhibit program. Sometimes it’s because of overlapping shows and not enough existing exhibits to go around. Other times it’s because there is a need for something bigger (or smaller) without the time or budget to build something new. Maybe it’s an international show where international shipping just isn’t cost effective.

Whatever your reason, Ohio Displays Inc has you covered! We have a full line of rental exhibits that don’t look like “rental exhibits”. From the simple 10’ x 10’ pop up, all the way up to the double deck mega-exhibits, we can accommodate any rental need you might have.

For your convenience, ODI has rental inventories in Cleveland, Chicago, and Portland, so no matter which side of the country you are on, there is a perfect rental near by!


Rental suggestions:

Before looking for a rental exhibit, decide what you need your booth to accomplish. Are you showing off a tangible product? Then make sure that your rental booth includes counter space. If you are marketing a service, it’s probably more important to go with a more graphic intensive exhibit. Do you need to rent a monitor for your exhibit? Always be sure to tell you account rep about all of your needs- don’t just assume that exhibits that can accommodate a monitor will automatically come with one.

When budgeting for your rental exhibit, make sure to remember that you are renting the exhibit but purchasing the graphics, and plan accordingly.

Rental exhibits are also a great way to “test drive” a particular exhibit to ensure a proper fit before a final purchase, and if you find your rental is the right booth for you, you already have the graphics!


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