Ohio Displays Inc. - Ridge Tool Project
The Ridge Tool Company Custom Booth

Project Description

The Ridge Tool Company, which has been an ODI client for decades, had been using the same trade show display for 25 years. While the display, repaired and refurbished countless times, had served them well over time it became clear that it no longer worked for the company’s growing list of needs. With the wide variety of shows that The Ridge Tool Company was exhibiting in, there was a need for a property that could be easily reconfigured from a 10’ inline showcase all the way to a 60’ x 40’ island booth. The new fully custom display components were designed and built in a contemporary industrial theme in fitting with The Ridge Tool Company’s brand. Bold punches of the Ridgid red, in both materials and accent lighting, were used to reinforce the company’s identity.

The Ridge Tool Company has been using the new property in its many incarnations since late 2006 and has been more than happy with the resultant booth attendance.


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