ODI Tradeshow Marketing

Pre-Show Marketing

Any tradeshow veteran will be the first to tell you that marketing is the first essential step to any successful event. ODI can help ensure optimal attendance at your booth each and every show by employing a wide variety of proven preshow marketing tools. From pre-show mailers to eye-catching and unique internet marketing, and everything in between, ODI gives your business a head start on the competition by making sure that your booth is a destination - not just a stopover.

Post-Show Marketing

A lead that isn't followed up on isn't really a lead. It doesn't matter how many business cards you give out or how many hands you shake if you don't continue to strike while the iron is still hot. ODI utilizes a variety of techniques to make sure out of sight isn't out of mind. With custom designed and attention grabbing post-show mailers, web-blasts, and a variety of other event marketing techniques, ODI helps make sure your booth’s first impression stays fresh long after everyone goes home.

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