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Based on your needs and personal preferences, we’ll recommend either a custom built, modular, or portable display for you – or combination of any of the three.

A custom exhibit would be designed and fabricated expressly for your exact preferences and requirements, from the construction materials to the finishes, to graphic treatments, to lighting, etc. Typically crated and produced with fewer seams and components to assemble, a custom exhibit is a good solution when you have special needs and/or wish to truly have your “own” look.

A modular exhibit is produced from mostly “off the shelf” components, but can have many “customizable” aspects to the design. Typically, a modular exhibit will be somewhat lighter in weight than a custom exhibit and pack into smaller shipping containers. The current trend is to incorporate fabrics into the design, replacing large, heavy and hard to pack rigid panels. A modular exhibit is a good solution when your needs are not overly “original” and is compatible to your desired, overall image

A portable display is usually defined as a display that can pack into cases, small and light enough to qualify for UPS and Federal Express shipping. Many times, the cases are small enough to fit on a back seat or ship with airline baggage. Many trade shows will allow you to (personally) bring in your portable display and set it up, eliminating the material handling costs and the need to hire installation and dismantling labor. Examples of portable displays include pop-up displays, folding panel displays, banner stands, fabric walls, and most table top displays. A portable display is a good choice for many table top and 10’ back wall uses, when budgets are tight and when you need the ability to hand-carry or personally transport your display.

A hybrid exhibit or display is a combination of any of the above three classifications and is very common. For example, custom counters could be used with a mostly modular display – banner stands could be used with a mostly modular display. There are benefits and compromises with each EXHIBIT OPTION. ODI will make sure you understand what they are and that you choose the best option for your situation.


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